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    Exclamation Security update (please, read carefully)

    Cmsmasters believe that security is one of the major issues to be paid attention at, and for this reason we constantly work to improve the quality of our products and make sure our customers get a better user experience.
    Due to the increased amount of attacks that can be observed during the last time, we have released a Security update for our WordPress themes, listed below:

    Tesigner WP
    Blakesley WP
    Clockstone WP
    Cleanple WP
    Pacifico WP
    Qreator WP
    Oakland WP
    Trymee WP
    Kindness WP
    Shepard WP
    Brilliant WP
    Expresso WP
    Echolake WP
    Ambleside WP
    Willbridge WP

    If you are an owner of any of the themes listed, it is highly recommended that you download the update folder from a link below and substitute the needed files, according to the instructions below.
    Download link

    NOTE: the security update will not in any way affect your website or make any harm to your files!!!

    After you download the update folder you will find several files in there. To perform the update, please follow the instructions.

    It is important that you carefully go through the listed steps:

    1. Proceed to: wp-content/themes/theme_name/theme/functions/ on your server.
    (theme_name will vary depending on the theme you own, for instance, for Shepard WP: wp-content/themes/shepard/theme/functions/)

    2. Find the files that have the same names as the ones in the downloaded update. Your theme might contain either none, one, or several of these files.

    3. If your theme has at least one of the files that have the same names as the ones in the download, you should substitute these files with the ones in the downloaded update.

    4. Make sure the name is spelled exactly the way it was spelled in the old file!

    Should you have any questions, you can find support at this forum.

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    Lightbulb Update

    If you follow all the appropriate instructions carefully and keep the theme up to date, be sure, your site is safe.

    We did everything to make the latest theme version as safe as possible and will continue taking steps on theme improvement further.
    Now Envato has new notification feature – we will notify our customers via email every time the update will take place.

    To update the theme, please, follow to your Downloads tab on Themeforest and click "download" and get the fresh theme archive. Then follow to the Fix folder and open README.txt, you'll find the instruction on update there. Basically you should replace some files at your server. But please, make a backup beforehand - just in case.

    Please, note:
    If you have made some code changes in style.css, the update can harm your customization. You should copy changed code to the new file.

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